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WWW (Who Where Why ) (2021) Movie Review and Rating :-

WWW Movie Review

Movie :- WWW (Who Where Why ) (2021) Review

Star Cast :- Adit Arun , Shivani Rajasekhar

Producer :- Ravi. P. Raju Datla

Music Director :- Simon K King

Director :- K.V.Guhan

Story ( Spoiler Free):-

The film is all about the 4 Virtual friends including Viswa( Adith Arun) who gets connected Virtually and interacts Daily. Vishwa is an Unethical Hacker who always tries to earn money through illegal ways. Besides Vishwa loves Mithra ( Shivani Rajasekhar ) Virtually.

Love blossoms between Vishwa and Mithra but things take a U-turn when an unknown person starts hurting Mithra directly to take revenge over Vishwa as he lost due to Vishwa.

How Vishwa does illegal hacking? How did love blossom between Vishwa and Mithra? What happened to Mithra? Who is the unknown Person? How did he start hurting Mithra? How did Vishwa sort out things from the rest of the story?

Positives 👍:-

  • Adit Arun and Shivani Rajasekhar did the best performance throughout the film. The rest of the characters too did best in their limited space.
  • Visuals are good.
  • Production Values are great.

Negatives 👎:-

  • Complete fault lies in Director K.V.Guhan. Wrong screenplay and Direction with Good Story on Paper.
  • Editing is Not good.
  • Climax is not so engaging.
  • No Logics at all.


WWW is a film that was based on the Virtual Friendship and Love Story. But unfortunately, it had been wasted by the direction K.V.Guhan.if he had focused more on the story this might engage the audience. Adit Arun and Shivani Rajasekhar did the best in presenting the characters of Vishwa and Mithra.

Director Default falls in the screenplay. Production values are good and so is camera work. Editing is not good. The climax is predictable and not so engaging as logic is missed.

Rating :- 2/5


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