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whatsapp group video call

Special features for the latest version of Whatsapp :-

How to make whatsapp group video call :-

whatsapp group video call

whatsapp group video call:: As the Technology  developing day by day, Everyone addicted to social media platforms  irrespective of maintaining personal bonding. Most of the Youth are giving more priorities to Social media platforms  than ” Personal families who are striving hard to make them happy ”

Sometimes few platforms like ” Whatsapp ”  provide more benefits to “Not Only Youth But also all the family members ” because it helps us to connect all the family members who are far away from us in the name of ” Whatsapp Group ” Though Everyone may not have direct contact all the time as Everyone is  struggling hard to make one’s life successful one, So its easier to Stay in Touch with families in the form of ” Group “.

Recently few changes had made in Whatsapp, which includes ” Group calls ” and ”  Group Video calls ” where at most Four members  can join in making Video call  or Formal call. Despite the previous version where only  person – person Can make use of them irrespective of Groups.

For making Group call / Video call Firstly we need to add members in a group , later it will provide different options on the Top of group where you can see Dial + option, click on the contacts you need to make call, you will see two option namely ” call” ,” Video call ” with respective symbols provided, choose upto your wish and then you might  enjoy by Talking to your closest one’s .

In this way you can make use of ” Special features ” included in whatsapp and have lots of fun with your Loved one’s and Family members.


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