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What kind of  Signals will provoke you that you are in Love or in love feeling

What kind of  Signals will provoke you that you are in Love or in love feeling :-

love feeling

love feeling :- The word ” Love ”  is the one which mesmerizes everyone irrespective of age group. Love blossoms  between two opposite Souls , depends upon their bonding. Few people say “School age Love ”  is just infatuation , but it depends upon their mutual understanding. Most of the successful love stories are from schooling itself.  Real Love stories might not be Cinematic, despite it includes more hard phases of life, if you survive, then you are the perfect lovely couple.

In this article we are going to mention few Symptoms, which illustrate you that ” Your in Love ”

love feeling :-
* When a girl is passing besides you,  all of a sudden if your Heart beat increases it replicates you that ” you wanted  make her as your soulmate “.

* If you are waiting since Hours for a person’s Message/ call  without any idea, it means you are giving more Priority  to that person despite other’s.

* You don’t know  what to talk , but dialing them just to listen their Voice tells you what they are for you.

* If you’re visiting any person’s House, Without having any intention / Purpose , then they are something special to you.

* Are you thinking more about any other person than required , that means they hold a special place in your heart.

* Even though you are good at talking, but if you hesitate to speak at least one word in front of a person, it clarifies you that , they already  occupied place in your heart.

* Without your notice, if your mind and heart started  imagining bright future with a person, then it indicates you that ” You can’t live without them ”

*  If your expecting these words from a person

” You should definitely hold a place / You should be given more  priority than others ”
Then you are madly Love with that person.

* If you are recognizing any above mentioned symptoms which are familiar with you, just close your eyes and imagine you will surely visible the lovable person.

Finally don’t misuse the word Love In the name of Lust. Even though it makes you happy at that time, but for sure KARMA will hit you hard at any situation.


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