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West Side Story Movie Review and Rating :-

West Side Story Review

Movie :- West Side Story (2021) Review

Star Cast :- Ansel Elgort , Rachel Zegler , Maddie Ziegler and so on

Producer :- Steven Spielberg , Kristie Macosko Krieger , Kevin McCollum

Music Director :- Leonard Bernstein

Director :- Steven Spielberg

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Story ( Spoiler Free ):-

The movie opens with a rivalry scene between jets and Sharks in Newyork city where the Riff takes care of the Sharks group and is always in a thought process that Every inch of the city belongs to them. Immediately scene changes to a place where Rican Sharks alias Bernardo is introduced as Boxer and every time instructs his sister Maria to not at all look at Gringo.

As expected one fine day Bernardo and his wife along with Maria go to a Dance Night where Maria falls for Tony at first sight itself. Besides Tony is a member from the Jet side and nearly killed a guy and went to jail too.

Now, what are the hard phases faced by love birds Tony and Maria from the rest of the story? How are Rivalry gangs connected to their love? What did Maria’s Brother do after knowing about Maria Love over Tony? What happened at the end? If you want to know the reasons behind it watch the film on Bigscreen only.

Positives 👍 :-

  • All Lead Actors have given their best in portraying the characters. Especially the lead pair Maria and Tony did splendid Performance.
  • Director Steven Spielberg vision is good as there is now unnecessary scenario from starting to the end of the film. His thought process is great even though it’s adaption.
  • The background score is apt for the film.
  • Cinematography, Visuals, VFX work are lavishing on screen.
  • Production values are good.

Negatives 👎 :-

  • Slow at times

Overall :-

West Side Story is a master of all love stories made for 2021 generations by adopting 90’s stories. Director Steven Spielberg vision in making this film is topnotch. All Leads have done best and special mention too Maria and Tony Pair.

Background Score is apt and Cinematography Visuals are lavishing. Production Values are good. The only negative point is slow at times. Rest of the film for sure entertains you all.

Rating :- 3.5/5


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