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Waah Zindagi Movie Review and Rating :-

Waah Zindagi Movie

Movie :- Waah Zindagi (2021) Review

స్టార్ తారాగణం: – నవీన్ కస్తూరియా, ప్లాబితా బోర్తకూర్, విజయ్ రాజ్, సంజయ్ మిశ్రా, ధర్మేష్ వ్యాస్, మనోజ్ జోషి

Producer :- Ashok H. Choudhary

Music Director :- Pa Chhabra

Director :- Dinesh S. Yadav .

Story ( Spoiler Free ):-

The film is all about an unlucky man who moves on over life and hits all the hard phases of life and achieves his dreams. The Movie begins with the introduction of Ashok (Naveen ) who is an Unlucky since childhood. He wants to fulfill his grandfather’s (Sanjay Mishra ) wish and also wants to get connected with his childhood crush.

What is Sanjay Mishra’s Wish? How did Ashok fulfill it? Who is the childhood crush of Ashok? Did he meet her? What are the Problems faced by Ashok since Childhood? In between why does he oppose Chinese Products? How does the Make in India initiative come in between? What happened at the end forms the crux of the story.

Positives 👍:-

  • Story.
  • Lead actor’s energetic performance.
  • Cinematography and Production values.
  • Background Score.

Negatives 👎:-

  • Clumsy Screenplay.
  • Lots of Unnecessary Scenes.
  • Over Dragged Second half.
  • Editing.

Overall :-

Waah Zindagi is a film that has a Good story on paper but the fault lies in the direction as it was not executed Properly which led to Clumsy Screenplay and Over Dragged Scenes. Lead Actors gave their best in engaging this film.

Production Values and Cinematography are top-notch. Editing might have done better. The second half must be trimmed a lot. As said if the negative remarks are improved this film might get a good response from the Public.

Rating :- 2.5/5


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