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Vishnu Vishal FIR Movie Review :-

FIR Movie Review

Movie :- FIR (2022) Review

Star Cast :- Vishnu Vishal, Gautham Vasudev Menon, Reba Monica John, Manjima Moha and so on

Producer :- Shubhra and Aryan Ramesh

Music Director :- Ashwath

Director :- Manu Anand

Story (Spoiler Free):-

The story revolves around the character of Irfan Ahmed ( Vishnu Vishal ) who works as a Chemical Engineer. Besides his mother is a policewoman. He desperately denies the words spoken I’ll about the caste and religion of a person. Besides Gautham Menon is introduced as a National Security Advisor who is given a task to find out the most wanted terrorist Abu Bakkar Abdullah.

The twist in the tale arises when Irfan was caught as a prime suspect in a blast that happened and Gautham Menon started interrogating.

what are the similarities between Irfan Ahmed and Abu Bakkar Abdullah? Why did Gautham arrest Irfan as a Prime suspect? Is Irfan really a culprit? How did Manjima Mohan and Reba Monica connect with Irfan? What happens at the end forms the rest of the story.

Positives 👍:-

  • Both Vishnu Vishal and Gautham lived in the characters and made terrific performances.
  • Director had done the best job.
  • Story and Entire second half .
  • Cinematography Visuals are great and Production Values too.
  • Background Score.

Negatives 👎:-

  • Slow narration over the first half.


Honest efforts made by Manu Anand in the name of FIR engages all sections of the audience. Vishnu Vishal and Gautham Menon are at their best.

Production Values are top-notch and the Cinematography visuals are great. One can manage its slow narration of the first half due to the terrific performances and racy second half.

A must-watch film.

Rating: 3/5


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