Vikram Mahaan Movie Update :-

Vikram Mahaan Movie

Finally, Chiyaan Vikram Latest Movie Mahaan spicy update is on the way.

We all very well know about a fact that Vikram is doing a project named Mahaan in which Vikram Son Dhruv also doing a major role in the film.

This film was directed by None other than Karthik Subbaraj and music composed by Santosh Narayanan.

Till now so many speculations have circulated about this film and huge fan wars have also been done in Twitter space regarding the release of the film. The inside sources are likely to say that this film opted for a direct OTT release.

Vikram Mahaan will be released over Amazon Prime Directly. Official news regarding this is yet to be known. But mostly this film releases on January 2022 on Prime.


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