Varun Tej Ghani Movie Postponed :-

Ghani Movie Postponed

Unfortunately Mega Prince Varun Tej Much awaited film Ghani is postponed.

Yes, Just now makers of this film had made a statement regarding this postponement of the Ghani film and stated the reason behind this.

The makers of the Ghani film stated that ” Slowly film industry in recovering and all the biggie films slotted their release date. We won’t want to release this film with a clash as every film is important in these harsh times in terms of Business too. So we are postponing our film as we made it with lots of effort and hard work and should not do it in vain. “

” The new release date of this film will be announced soon but for sure it’s gonna be a theatrical release only. “. So Officially Varun Tej Ghani film Postponed.

The new release date might be after February only as all biggie releases are scheduled until February. Should wait and see what happens.


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