Varun Sandesh Induvadhana Movie Release Date fixed :-

Indhuvadhana Release Date

Varun Sandesh Much awaited and comeback film entitled Induvadhana is all set to release on a special day.

After Participating in Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Varun Sandesh has made a comeback film called Induvadhana which is a periodical, Love Story.

The songs and glimpses of this film have raised the curiosity and everyone is murmuring that this gonna be a huge comeback flick for Varun Sandesh.

Finally, Varun Sandesh Induvadhana is all set to release on New Year I.e 1-1-2022. A new year starting with a New Periodical Love story is a good sign for Varun Sandesh’s comeback.

Should wait and see how the promotions are going to be done for this flick.


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