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Vanam Movie Review and Rating :-

Vanam Movie

Movie :- Vanam (2021) Review

Star Cast: – Vetri, Anu Sithara, Smruthi Venkat and so on

Producer:- Grace Jayanthi Rani, JP Amalan, JP Alex

Music Director :- Ron Ethan Yohann

Director:- Srikantan Anand

Story ( Spoiler Free ):-

The movie revolves around the concept of reincarnation. The plot begins with the death of a worker who came for working in empty men’s hostel. Suddenly scene shifts to the introduction of Magizh ( Vetri ) who is a student of art college. Besides her childhood crush is Jasmine (Smruthi ) a documentary filmmaker.

When Magizh joins the same room where his Friend and the worker had died, things start becoming abnormal. Now Magizh and Jasmine start unfolding the mystery.

What is there in that room? how did the worker and Magizh Roommate die? How did Magizh and Jasmine unfold the Mystery? What is the actual story behind the room forms the rest of the story?


  • Lead actor’s performances.
  • Screenplay.
  • Direction.
  • Background and Cinematography.
  • Production Values.

Negatives 👎:-

  • Routine Story and Flashback.
  • Few Logics.

Overall :-

Vanam movie is out an out engaging flick that entertains you most of the time. Lead actors gave their best in entertaining. Director had did best in the screenplay work.

Production Values, Cinematography are top-level and the Background score gives a boost up to the movie. But ends up as a routine story as it has a regular flashback format. Overall a one-time watchable film.

Rating :- 2.75/5


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