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Unimaginable Struggling Success Story Of Kalpana Saroj

Unimaginable Struggling Success Story Of Kalpana Saroj:: If you are in a shitty position, but you undergone that phase with an ease then success arrives at your foot.

If you go on trying at any cost you’ll be a successful one. If you can’t try any thing sorry to say this you can’t survive no-more in Upcoming generations.

In this article we are narrating you the life story of a women, who wanted to die at early age because of problems but by god’s grace she underwent hard moments in life and became a Successful Enterpreneur.

She is non other than Kalpana saroj, lets go in detail..

Childhood Struggles :-

Unimaginable Struggling Success Story Of Kalpana Saroj

Kalpana Saroj was born in a very small village which was called as ” Alloka” district located at Maharastra. Parents made her marriage at the age of 12 itself. Within 6 months husband started Torturing her and made no-communication with Family Members. Unexpectedly her father came and watched the struggles of Kalpana Saroj and took her to home.

Again problems arrised in her life in the form of Neighbours and all the people in the surrounding area by criticizing her, Laughing towards her. Even though she went to school everyone treated her as enemy and avoided her.

She couldn’t digested the situations and Committed Sucide by drinking Poison, by god’s grace she survived from death. In 1972 she left village and went to Mumbai.

Sturggling stage of life :-

As year passes her Struggles have been increasing. In Mumbai she stayed in her relatives house, went for a job in cloth shop for 60rs per month. Later started Stiching Clothes by that she got 100rs.

She utilized every opportunity she got, after 2 years she rented a house with her savings. In mean time Kalpana Saroj’s Sister had died because of not having money to buy medicines. Kalpana Saroj took this as serious issue and wanted to earn more money.

Changes in Life :-

Kalpana Saroj

In 1975 she took a loan amount of 50,000 under the scheme of Mahatma Jyothi Poole. Opened Clothes Shop and earned Good Profits. She haven’t stopped by it. She wanted to Stop Unemployment problems and started a Association under the name of ” Sushakshit Berozgar Yuvan Incident in which more than 3000 members joined in it.

Later she created 11 teams and entered in Real estate Properties Business within no time her life took a U turn and earned a profit of around 4cr.

In 1960 she started Kamani Tubes Company due to disputes between Labour Unions and Management the company was shuttered in 1985, but supreme court ordered to re-open the company in the year 1988 with authority of workers.

However due to lack of understandings in Financial aspects, company went to disaster and debts increased day by day, so workers approached Kalpana Saroj.

In 1999, a team of 10 fictional members was appointed to revive company which includes Marketing, Banking, Lawyers and Govt. Officials. She even met Finance Ministers and all those who owed the company. Banks agreed for Cancellation of penalties and intrests.

In 2006, she took responsibilities as a Companies Chief and their first goal was to meet Debt. She also sold her Properties for this purpose.

In 2009, this company was emerged from SICA ( Sick Industrial Companies Act ) and in 2010, company was shifted to Waada and she invested 5cr within one year 2011 she earned a profit of 3cr.

Later she made an entry in Other Businesses. At present her Turnover was around 2,000cr and running 7 companies Successfully. Kamani Tubes is now a profitable Company and every year it provides a profit of 5cr. She even got Padmasri at 2013. She also appointed as one of member in Board of Director’s of Indian Women Bank.

Her journey was truely an Inspirational one. God had given her a second life chance which she had utilized it very well and became a Successful Enterpreneur in which her earning has raised from 60rs per month to 700cr. She is the real Slumdog Millionaire.

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