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Umal Kher Struggles of an Successful Journey

Umal Kher Struggles of an Successful Journey:: Naturally the Success comes to any person who had undergone lots of Struggles only orelse you might not faced any success till now.

If any one become overnight sensation/Star it doesn’t mean on the spot he had became the talk of town,  it means he had undergone so many sleepless nights to become that overnight sensation.

Umal Kher Struggles of an Successful Journey

In this article we are showing you the successful journey of a disabled Women named as “Umal Kher ” , in which 99.9% of her life journey is filled with hurdles and problems.

 Let’s see what are struggles she faced for reaching her goal of life.

In order to sustain the livelihood “Umal kher” family was shifted to ” Delhi ” when she was 5th class. Here to overcome crisis they started “Selling clothes” for the ” financial development ” to overcome Hardship of life.

Umal kher was very talented besides she has been facing a problem so called ” Osteoporosis ” ( bones weakness problem ) right from birth, but she was confident and continued studies even though she was disabled person too.

At the age of 16 :-

We are very well known that “Umal kher ” was a brilliant student her parents haven’t shown 0.1% interest for her further studies and wanted to make her studies stopped.

Here for the first time ” Umal Kher ” was argued with her parents for Continuation of Higer studies.
As it’s high moment her parents sent her out of the house. She made a smile and left home including parents.

” We had seen a lot of people became successful persons towards their respective goals with the support of their parents as a backbone But here we are seeing a story of a disabled women who had succeeded without any background Support “.

Life stage without any Support :-

Umal Kher Struggles of an Successful Journey

When ” Umal Kher ” left their parents and went out, she was faced a very bad phase of life but handled situations in such a way that every one must be proud of her.

She owned a “Hut” and started telling Tutions to childrens with that amount she completed Intermediate with 91% and secured a seat in Delhi University.

At that moments she met with an accident and Sticked to Wheelchair for more than a year along with Regular Bones problem.

Happy Moments :-

Later she got JNU PG seat with Scholarship and continued studies. With the first attempt itself she scored 420 rank in Civils exams. Even her parent’s doesn’t know about it infact they doesn’t know the value of studies too.

In an recent interview she stated that ” there is no fault in her parent’s decision because of the struggles for livelihood was more than studies, and she mentioned that she will take care of her parent’s “.

This is the struggles of ” Umal Kher ” for becoming a successful person in life. Here we need to take her as an inspiration as we have family support and we must become successful one .

Hope you’ll be one of the successful person in future.


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