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Two tamil Stars sensational chat

As entire nation is strucked in Lockdown where we can’t even go anywhere from home also can’t see any upcoming films of our Hero’s.

This is the time where Every actor came forward to interact with their fans through live chat’s.

Most probably every actor and actress are entertaining audience through this where as few of celebs are making Motivational Videos to be aware of viruses. 

Two tamil Stars sensational chat

On Sunday we had witnessed the mass reloaded over social media platform where all  fans are boosted up with a live session of two Kollywood Stars non other than VIJAY SETHUPATHI who interviewed Universal star Kamal Hassan. 

This live session had continued over 90 Min through which they both discussed about Present scenario’s, upcoming projects and politics. 

Recently Kamal hassan had written and directed a song entitled as ” Avirum Anbum ” which was sung by himself through which he wanted to motivate audience to be positive and hope so that every thing will become normal.

Most of the music directors, actors have supported in this crisis and coped up with Kamal hassan for this song. 

The live session was a secured Tremendous response and it was Instant hit with a viewership of more than 2Lakhs and #1 trending on Youtube.

We think this is the best way to entertain and motivate public by celebrities. Hope more number lo live sessions will come over during this Lockdown moments.


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