Trivikram Lands In Troubles :-

Trivikram Social media issues

Without any Interference unfortunately, Director Trivikram had landed in Trouble over social media.

Coming to the point the entire social media including Minister Perni Nani are now targeting Trivikram for making comments on Andhra Pradesh Government over Movie Ticket Issues.

The Tweet made on the name of Trivikram over social media is ” Why AP Government targeting only Movie Sector by making the equal price to all kind of films and why not Health and education sector can have equal facilities at equal-cost”.

This tweet had made viral in such a way that even Minister Perni Nani had taken this point in assembly and targeted Trivikram.

Besides all these Production house Harika and Hassine creations had made a shocking statement regarding this issue by stating ” Trivikram does not have any kind of social media accounts to make tweets. “.

They also included if Trivikram wants to convey any sort of message then the tweet will come from either Harika and Hassine account or Fortune4Cinemas account as he doesn’t have any kind of social media account and he will stay away from social media “.

This tweet made by Harika and Hassine Productions has sorted out the issue created by some fake ID in the name of Trivikram. Should wait and see how People and Minister Perni Nani would react over these misunderstandings.


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