Trisha Replaced Kajal in Shankar Film :-

Trisha Replaced Kajal Agarwal

Initially, Kajal started acting as the main lead in a prestigious project directed by Shankar, but Now Trisha is Replaced by Kajal in that project.

Yes, what you think is right. That prestigious project is none other than Kamal Hassan Indian 2 which is a sequel of Indian.

Already most of the shooting part is completed but due to certain reasons the film shoot was stopped and Kamal started doing Lokesh’s Vikram Film and Shankar is busy making a film with Ramcharan.

Now recently an update about the reshoot of Indian 2 has happened, and the shoot is going to commence in December.

As of now, Kajal is not signing any films and not doing any signed films too due to unknown reasons. But sources are saying as kajal is pregnant she stopped making films for some months.

So left with no options kajal stepped back for Indian 2 reshoot work, so makers approached Trisha for recreating kajal’s role in Indian 2.

Still, the official confirmation regarding this information is yet to be announced. But sources are saying Trisha has finalized besides Kamal in Indian 2.


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