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TRANCE Movie Telugu (2020)

TRANCE Movie Telugu (2020)

Movie Name :-  TRANCE Movie Telugu(2020)

Cast :-   Fahadh Fassil, Dileesh Pothan, Gautham Menon, Nazriya Nazim,  Chemban Vinod Jose

Music Director:- Jackson Vijayan, Sushin Shyam

Producer:- Anwar Rasheed

Director:- Anwar Rasheed.

STORY ( Spoiler Free ):-

TRANCE Movie Telugu Watch On Aha …

Movie opens in the beautiful locations of Kanyakumari with the intro of Viju Prasad (Fahadh Fassil) who lives with his mentally unstable brother Kunjan, who commits suicide, depressed Viju left to  Mumbai for a change over , he meets business persons Salmon Davis and Issac Thomas through a casting director. 

As rime passes Salmon Davis and Issac Thomas hire Viju to be a Christian pastor  and wanted to perform hoax Miracles, in order to do so, viju is send to Kochi to get trained as a pastor and changes his name as Joshua Carlton.

Slowly Joshua started gaining huge craze among people which is leads to irritate Salmon Davis and Issac Thomas , both of them wanted to kill Joshua and waiting for the right moment.

At a certain time Joshua Attends a live interview television Program where interviewer asks Joshua to perform live miracles which leads to tensed atmosphere. 

What did Joshua do? How did both Salmon Davis and Issac Thomas took revenge over Joshua? What is role of Gautham Menon and Nazriya? What happened at the end?

If wanted to know the reasons behind above mentioned questions watch this film, available on Aaha platform. 

Positives :-

Fahadh Fassil one-man show, a brilliant performer who steals the entire show. 

Gautham Menon, Nazriya performance will surprise you all and all other actors have did good in their roles.

Director had presented this film without any deviations even though the length is 2hr 50min. 

Cinematography was good.

Production values are best.

Background Score was decent and Songs are good. 

FlipSide :-

 Few  Dragged scenes here and there.


Trance is a Malayalam film which was released in Telugu Language through Aaha platform.

Fahadh Fassil is a brilliant actor, for sure you”ll love his performance over entire film where as GVM, Nazriya will surprise you all. 

Huge credits goes to director who had presented the entire film in a gripping manner without any deviations and the way of detailing every point will impress you.

The background score was apt and songs are good. Besides all these production values are lavish. Cinematography was too good.

Overall Trance is a film which will impress you with it’s brilliance script and performances. A must watch film.  

TeluguVisionRating :-3/5

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