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Top 10 South Indian Stars based on Remunerations :-

Every actor has Seperate fan base and for every film the fan base increases and sometimes it leads to Mass hysteria of fans for the release day of film. For every film actors will get Remunerations but you all don’t know how much remunerationswould they take to make a film. 
In this article we are providing you the details of Top 10 South Indian Actors with their remunerations. Lets get into the point.


1) SUPER STAR RAJINIKANTH :-No need to mention the craze and mass hysteria besides following of our very own Super star Rajinikanth, even though he makes film in  Kollywood, tamil language but those films will be dubbed in every language, that’s the reason behind his mass craze, in every language including Telugu his films will undergo Huge demand and sometimes even Benfit shows too will be added in other languages. He had created so many wonders on screen and off screen he is down to earth person.

As we wanted to say the remuneration details to all of you, coming to point  Super Star Rajinikanth will take around INR 50 CRORES For one film. He is the Highest paid actor of South India.


2) POWER STAR PAWAN KALYAN :-There is lot to say about Pawan kalyan but this is not the right place as this article is different one. One word about PSPK is Man of simplicity, his dedication towards people and his contribution to all the needy is unmatchable, Either On-screen or Of screen he is Power star, that’s it.

The remuneration details of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan for every film he make is a total amount of around INR 31.33 CRORES. He is the second highest paid actor of South india.

Junior NTR

3) Junior NTR :-He is All-rounder of Tollywood, not only his fans everyone including normal audience will go to theatres for his film just because of his top-notch performances, the way he own the character makes the film sensation at Box -office.The remuneration details of Junior NTR for every film he make, is a total amount of around INR 28 CRORES. He is the third highest paid actor of South india.


4) Vikram :-Till now we had seen actor who make films for their fans and for success, but Vikram is quite Different from others and he will make Experimental subjects only, for a film called I (Manoharudu ) his hardwork was Unmatchable. His dedication towards a role is immensible , most of the actors should learn from him a lot .
The remuneration details of VIKRAM for every film he make, is a total amount of around INR 26 CRORES. He is the fourth highest paid actor of South india.

Super Star Mahesh Babu

5) Super Star Mahesh Babu :-
Super star mahesh babu is one of leading actor in tollywood, his selection of scripts was quite different and utmost his dedication for a film was seen in every frame. Right from his first film he made a way to entertain not only his fans but also all section of audience.
The remuneration details of Super Star Mahesh Babu for every film he make, is a total amount of around INR 24.33 CRORES. He is the fifth highest paid actor of South india.

6) Suriya :-The word Suriya ‘ s film is enough for all section of audience to make their way to theaters, as most of his film are Quite Different, concept based besides all this his immense performance for every film was Natural, that’s the reason behind his success streak. His dedication towards a film was unmatchable.
The remuneration details of Suirya for every film he make, is a total amount of around 

INR 23.67 CRORES. He is the Sixth highest paid actor of South india.

Akkineni Nagarjuna

7) Akkineni Nagarjuna :-Continuing the legacy of great actor Akkineni Nageshwara rao , Nagarjuna also followed the guidelines of his father and made a film, slowly he gained huge Family audience craze, besides ladies following for him was unmatchable, this is the reason why he called ” Manmadhudu ” of Tollywood. Most of his films will filled up with Romance including message towards youth/ families in the society.
The remuneration details of Akkineni Nagarjuna for every film he make, is a total amount of around INR 22.25 CRORES. He is the seventh highest paid actor of South india.

Stylish Star Allu Arjun

8) Stylish Star Allu Arjun :-Allu Arjun is one of the greatest actor and Immense Dancer of Tollywood, even though he is from Mega Compound, he haven’t used the tag line because of his hardwork he owned Telugu Audience, he had separate fanbase for his films, most of the audience go to his films for his Dance Moves. He is one of the leading actor is Tollywood too.

The remuneration details of Stylish Star Allu Arjun for every film he make is a total amount of around INR 15.67 CRORES. He is the eighth highest paid actor of South india.

Mega Power Star RamCharan

9) Mega Power Star RamCharan :-Continuing the legacy of Mega star Chiranjeevi , Ram charan had made films, right from his first film he started entertaining audience with his ease performance, his dedication is shown in every frame, he had removed the tag Mega compound with his second film itself and till now his fan base and craze was just because of his energetic performance and on-screen or of screen he is down to earth person

.The remuneration details of Mega Power Star Ramcharan for every film he make, is a total amount of around INR 14 CRORES. He is the 9th highest paid actor of South india.

Vijay Devarakonda

10 ) Vijay Devarakonda :-He started his carrier as a side actor , but he made debut with a film so called ” pellichupulu ” which was impressed by all section of audience and later a film entitled as ” Arjun Reddy ” has changed his carrier and life style, he is now most wanted actor of Tollywood. His craze towards fans is Unbeatable.

The remuneration details of Vijay Devarakonda for every film he make, is a total amount of around INR 14 CRORES. He is the 10th highest paid actor of South india.These are the top 10 south indian actors of South india.


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