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The Loop (Maanaadu ) Review and Rating :-

The Loop ( Maanaadu ) Review

Movie :- THE LOOP (2021) Review

Star Cast :- Simbu , S.J. Suryah , Kalyani Priyadarshan , Premgi Amaren and so on

Producer :- Suresh Kamatchi

Music Director :- Yuvan Shankar Raja

Director :- Venkat Prabhu

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Story ( Spoiler Free ) :-

The film opens with an introduction of Abdul Khalik ( Simbu ) who comes from Dubai to Ooty for helping his friend in Love Problem. All of a sudden scene shifts to a place where Abdul Khalik and DhanushKodi ( S.J.Suryah ) unexpectedly meet each other.

Already DhanushKodi is a plan, but due to the meet with Abdul Khalik, his plan is failed. Frustrated with this he forced Abdul Khalik to kill the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister or else his friends would die. Left with no choice Abdul Khalik kills Tamil Nadu, Chief Minister. Unfortunately, Police surrounded Abdul and thought he was an Islamist.

Within no time Police kill Abdul Khalik too. The twist in the tale arises when Abdul Khalik is alive even though he was shot in the head. He again relives in the same day again and again following the same incidents happening again and again. Now what Abdul Khalik is going to do to Save Tamil Nadu CM forms the rest of the story.

How did Abdul Khalil can use the time loop concept? How is the traveling same day followed by the same events again and again? What’s the reason behind this? Who are the actual culprits planned to kill Tamil Nadu CM? What did Abdul Khalik do at the end? To know the reasons behind it watch the film on the big screen only.

Positives 👍 :-

  • Simbu and S.J.Suryah’s performances make the audience awestruck. They both lived in their role and gave a top-notch performance. kalyani Priyadarshan and rest of actors did their level best for engaging the film.
  • The story, Screenplay and Direction by Venkat Prabhu is Brilliant.
  • Crispy editing especially in the second half is too good and also pre-interval scenarios.
  • Background music is good.
  • Production values are rich and cinematography is excellent.

Negatives 👎 :-

  • Few lag scenes in the first half.
  • A little bit confusing.

Overall :-

Simbu’s much-awaited film The Loop ( Maanaadu ) is for sure a blockbuster film with a seat edge thrilling factors which awestruck the audience to the core. As usual Simbu and S.J. Suryah lived in their roles and their carrier best performance till now. Kalyani Priyadarshan and Rest actors have limited screen presence but ok with their presence.

Venkat Prabhu’s time loop concept engages the audience a lot and entertains. His direction, Screenplay is brilliant. The cinematography is good and the background score stick to the story, especially the Villian Theme Background score is lit.

Crispy editing is another major asset of this flick. Finally, a much-awaited comeback film for Simbu. In one word The Blockbuster Loop.

Rating :- 3.5/5


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