Thaman For Prabhas :-

Thaman for Prabhas

Yes, Music Director Thaman is officially on Board for Prabhas much-awaited film.

Recently the film team of Prabhas Radheshyam had announced this statement. Are you still confused about what we are saying? We will clarify it.

Prabhas much-awaited film which is gonna release within 20 days is none other than Radheshyam. Already the songs of this film are released and created sensation too. This film’s music director is Justin Prabhakar.

The twist in the tale that arises here is Radheshyam Movie Producers UV creations had recently announced that for Radheshyam South India Versions S.S.Thaman gonna do the Background Score work.

We all very well know about a fact that Thaman is the Baap of Background score which is proved over Akhanda. So to make Radheshyam More Powerful in Theatres UV creations contacted Thaman.S for background score work of Radheshyam.

Now you all got the clarity of what we are saying. Thaman is now officially the Background score designer of Radheshyam film.

Should wait and see how Thaman had given a Background score for Radheshyam on January 14th.


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