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Spider Man No Way Home (2021) Movie Review and Rating :-

Spider Man No Way Home

Movie :- Spider Man No Way Home (2021) Review

Star Cast :- Tom Holland , Zendaya , Willem Dafoe , Jamie Foxx and so on

Producer :- Kevin Feige, Amy Pascal

Music Director :– Michael Giacchino

Director :- Jon Watts

Story ( Spoiler Free ):-

The Movie Begins with the reveal of the real identity of Spider-Man I.e Peter Parker ( Tom Holland ) by the mysterious person through broadcasting ( scenes continuation of Far from Home ). Within no time Peter Parker Family, His love life are getting troubled by the people. He is now the most wanted public figure. Due to this revelation, his MIT seat too gets rejected.

To overcome this situation, Peter Parker steps into Dr.Strange place and seeks help that People should forget he is a spiderman. But things take a U-turn when Supervillains from Multiverse step into a spidy world. Now, what is Spidy gonna do? What did Dr.Strange do? What is the scene behind the entry of Super-Villains? How things got sorted forms the rest of the story.

Positives 👍:-

  • Tremendous Performance by Tom Holland and everyone in this film.
  • Director had done the best job in portraying this film, including the comedy track.
  • Cinematography Visuals are great and Production Values too.
  • Special Effects and the Last 40 minutes are excellent.
  • Background Score.

Negatives 👎 :

  • Confusion at times

Overall :

An honest and Genuine making by Jon Watts entertains all sections of the audience especially an eye feast for spidy fans. Tom Holland did a tremendous performance. The rest of the casting too did best in presenting the film.

Production Values are top-notch and the Cinematography visuals are great. Special mention for Special effects and VFX work. The last 40 minutes of the film are breathtaking. A Treat for all film lovers.

A must watch Spidy film.

Rating : 3.5/5


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