Sonu Sood In and as Fateh :-

Sonu Sood in Fateh

Sonu Sood is all set to make a film as a lead actor which was entitled Fateh.

There is no need for a special introduction about sonu good and what services he did during the covid times and now also. Even though he is helping the people most of the time, he manages his movie schedules too.

Recently he had announced his upcoming film as main lead which was entitled Fateh under the direction of Abinandan Gupta which was bankrolled by Sonali Sood and Zee Studios.

This film gonna be a high-octane action-thriller in which Sonu Sood will be the only one who will fight the hidden enemies in India. The official announcement of this film is done.

In a few days, the Pooja Ceremony of this film will be done and the shoot will be commenced as early as possible. This film is slated to release in 2022 itself.

Should wait and see how Abhinandan Gupta will showcase Sonu Sood in this typical Thriller which was inspired by real events.


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