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Shyam Singha Roy Movie Review and Rating :-

Shyam Singha Roy Movie

Movie :- Shyam Singha Roy (2021) Review

Star Cast :- Nani , Sai Pallavi , Kriti Shetty , Madona Sebastian and so on

Producer :- Venkat Boayanapalli

Music Director :- Mickey. J. Meyer

Director :- Rahul Sankrityan

Story ( Spoiler Free ):-

The story begins with the voice-over of Sai Pallavi. Later Vasu ( Nani ) is introduced as an aspiring filmmaker who left his software job over passion. He wants to make a Short film in this process he met Keerthi ( Kriti Shetty ) and made her act in his short film. Within no time producers were impressed with his short film and asked for a full script.

Finally, Vasu made a blockbuster film. As time passes a copyright case has been filed over Vasu which was kept by the Publishing Company of Shyam Singha Roy Brothers. In this Process, Vasu goes back to the past.

What Happened to Vasu? How is Vasu’s Original film story linked to Shyam Singha Roy? Why did Vasu get a copyright case? In between all these What is the life story of Shyam Singha Roy and his love Rosie ( Sai Pallavi )? What happened at the end forms the story.

Positives 👍:-

  • Once again Nani proved his versatility with both the characters of Vasu and Shyam Singha Roy. He lived in the Characters.
  • Kriti Shetty, Madona is ok with their roles but Sai Pallavi will overcome them with a terrific performance as Devadasi (Rosie ).
  • Director Rahul Sankrityan did a fantastic job. His story, connecting the characters is good.
  • Songs, Background scores are added advantages.
  • The cinematography is too good.
  • Production values are good.

Negatives 👎 :-

  • A lot of time was taken for entering into the main story.
  • A little bit drags in both the halves.

Overall :-

Natural Star Nani Shyam Singha Roy is out an out Emotional Hit that engages all sections of the audience throughout the film. Nani lived in both the characters and gave an immense performance. Besides Sai Pallavi too gave tough competition over Nani. Kriti Shetty and Madona are ok in their roles.

Director Rahul did a Fantastic job. Production values are great. Cinematography and Visuals are Lavish. Songs and Background scores are added advantages.

A strong comeback film of Nani.

Rating :- 3/5


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