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Run Web series review

Movie :- Run Web series review (2020)

Run Web series review

Cast and crew:- Navdeep, Pujita Ponnada, Amit, Kausalya, Venkat,Shafi, Madhu Nandan, Bhanu sri and so on.

Music Director :- Naresh Kumaran

Produced by:- Krish Jagarlamudi, Rajeev Reddy (First Frame )

Directed by:- Lakshmikanth Chenna.

Run Web series review:: As all are following the principle “Stay Home Stay Safe ” and are fedup with the Routine shows and Flicks in television we are providing you the best entertainment series/ films which might change your mood.

Few of Our Tollywood Films are Released today directly through OTT due to Lockdown effect and one of them is RUN. Let’s see how this flim is going to be.

Story ( Spolier free ):-

The plot begins with a Marriage proposal scene between Navdeep and Pujitha and both of them get married. Within no time the films shift to the celebrations of their Marriage Anniversay.

Twist in tale arrises when Pujitha commits suicide with a written note over Navdeep. This leads to polices that Navdeep had committed this Murder but he refuses and imagines what had actually happened.

The rest of the film is how Navdeep came out of this problem? Who is the culprit ? What is the problem behind all this ? Why Navdeep started chasing Everyone ? What happened at the end is the rest of the plot ? If you wanted to know the reasons behind the above mentioned Questions watch this film through AAHA Platform.

Positives :-

  • Navdeep had done the role with an ease and these kind lf performances are like Cake-walk to him.
  • Even though the length of the film is 1hr 27min every scene had presented in a gripping manner.
  • Every character had its own way of speciality without any unnecessary one’s.
  • Climax was the biggest asset of this film.
  • Director Lakshmikanth Chenna had presented this film in an interesting manner without any deviations.
  • Even the background score lifted the film into another heights
  • production values are good.


  • simple story with different screenplay.

Overall :-

Run is an out and out engaging flick to everyone. Navdeep had given his best with different variations. Every actor in this film are given good boostup to every scene. Director had succeeded in presenting a typical Psychological Thriller in an crispy Murder Mystery Format which was an good thought. Production values are good .

The background score was another major plus towards film. Whole credits goes to the Cinematographer Sajeesh Rajendran for visualizing in different way.

Even though the story was quite simple but presented in a gripping manner.

We suggest to all of you, to watch this film which will made your a quite different than routine one.


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