RRR Soul Anthem Janani Song Released :-

RRR Soul Anthem Janani Launched

Yes, Today is the day of RRR Soul Anthem Janani Launch day. Almost everyone is waiting to listen to this song.

Yesterday this video song of Janani had a special screening for media which gained a huge response and raised the curiosity to the next level. Now it’s time for all to witness the Soul Anthem of RRR.

The 2min 45 seconds of this RRR Soul Anthem Janani is just lit to witness. Ramcharan, Jr.NTR, Ajay Devgan, Sriya, Alia Bhatt scenes are added to this song which is quite emotional to see.

The video song is filled with a blend of emotions. Which raised the expectations of this film and all are eagerly waiting to watch the film. Pure S.S.Rajamouli magic is going to happen. The 3 minutes footage is just an example of how the film is going to be.

Despite Dosti and Naatu Naatu, this RRR Soul Anthem will get a huge public response in theatres for sure. Should wait and see how this RRR world going to be.

January 7th, 2022 is no doubt RRR day entire world is waiting to witness this occasion. should wait and see how the trailer going to be.


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