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Rocky Movie Review and Rating :-

Rocky Movie

Movie :- Rocky (2021) Review

Star Cast :- Vasanth Ravi , Bharathiraja and so on

Producer :- CR Manoj Kumar

Music Director :- Darbuka Siva

Presented By :- Nayanthara and Vignesh

Director :- Arun Matheswaran

Story ( Spoiler Free ):-

The story revolves around the character of a gangster named Rocky (Vasanth Ravi) who is released from Jail after 17years of Jail life. Immediately he starts searching for his lost sister Amudha (Raveena Ravi). Besides, there is a head of Gangs named Manimaran (Bharathiraja) who is striving hard in search of Rocky.

Who is Rocky? Why he is sentenced to 17 years in Jail? Why Manimaran is searching Rocky? What is the rivalry between them? What happened to Rocky Sister? Where is she now? Did Rocky find her forms for the rest of the story?

Positives 👍:-

  • Vasanth Ravi did a Tremendous job in this film and lived in the character of Rocky. The rest of the characters did their best.
  • Debut director Arun did a fantastic job in presenting this Raw, Rustic film. His vision of presenting a revenge drama in a different manner outstands.
  • Long Single Shot and Climax Sequence are lit.
  • The cinematography and Background score is great.
  • Production values are good.

Negatives 👎:-

  • Routine Revenge Story.
  • Family audience can’t watch.

Overall :-

An Outstanding Raw Rustic film in Tamil from Arun which cherishes upcoming directors. Arun did a fantastic job and scored a blockbuster with the first film itself. Vasanth Ravi lived in the character and gave justice to the role. The rest of the characters too made the film thrill.

Special mention to Long Single Shot and Climax sequences which will give goosebumps to all film lovers. The cinematography and Production Values are great. The background score is awesome. The only remark is family audience cant watch.

A Must Watch Raw Rustic film.

Rating 3.25/5


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