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RGV Thriller (2020)

RGV thriller review

Movie Name:-   RGV Thriller (2020)

Cast:-   Apsara Rani, Wazid Rock. 

 Produced by:- A Company Production, South Plus Entertainment.

Directed by:-  Ram Gopal Varma

STORY (Spoiler Free):-  

The plot begins with the intro of Sameer (Wazid Rock) and Megha (Apsara Rani) as a beautiful love birds. Both of them wanted to celebrate a party with their friend Vishal.

After the completion of party Megha want to go house as expected 3 of them starts their journey as sameer wants to drop Megha firstly, so they went to Megha house.

Their Sameer wanted to have a night stay with megha but she avoids him and says everything must be done after marriage only.

Unfortunately something mystery occurs in Megha house. What is the Mystery? Who is in Megha House? Why did Megha killed her boyfriend Sameer?

If you want to know the reasons behind above mentioned questions watch the film in RGV WORLD THEATRE. 


* Background score was good and few camera angles.

Flip side:-  

* There is no scope to performance of any actors and it’s totally wasted of Apsara Rani and Rock’s roles as there is nothing.

 There is no Story in this film.

* Even though the length of the film is Just 22 Minutes, but its difficult to watch.

* Shots in this film are avoidable.

* Those who think there might me adult scenes will be hugely disappointed.


RGV Thriller is another Dud film by Ram Gopal Varma. 

There is nothing to say any thing positive about this film except background score and few camera angles.

Besides all this it’s totally wasted of bringing Odiya Actress Apsara Rani and Wazid Rock from Bollywood, as there is no story and scope to perform them at all.

Overall it’s a silly thriller with few stuff which you already watched in trailers and posters.

 TeluguVision Rating:-

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