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RGV Naked Nanga Nagnam web series (2020)

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RGV Naked Nanga Nagnam Webseries

RGV Naked Nanga Nagnam review:- Naked Nanga Nagnam (2020)

Cast and crew:- Shree Rapaka

Produced by:- A company South Plus Production.

Directed by:- Ram Gopal Varma

As all are following the principle “Stay Home Stay Safe ” and are fedup with the Routine shows and Flicks in television we are providing you the best entertainment series which might change your mood. 

Few of  Tollywood films are Releasing  directly through OTT due to Lockdown effect and one of them is  RGV’s NNN( Nanga Naked Nagnam)  “ which was released in Shreya’s ET Platform

Story ( Spolier free ):-

facts about naked Actress Shree Rapaka

The plot begins with an Disturbance scenario of a couple named “ Deepak & Sweety “. Fed up with arguments Deepak will left house for some work.

At that time Sweety Went for Shower bath, when she came out Unfortunately ,Her maid Jamal had seen her in Naked. 

Unexpectedly Sweety falls in love with Jamal and starts wooing him. Twist in tale arise when Deepak enter’s the scene.

What is Deepak ‘s Reaction ? How did Sweety Handle the situation ? What did Jamal do ? What happened at the end ? 

Wanted to know the reasons behind above mentioned questions watch the film in Shreya’s Platform.

Positives :-

* Performance by Jamal ( maid ) was decent. Besides Sweety ( Shree Rapaka ) Was given scope only for Exposal scenes.

* Background score was good.


* There is no Story in this film

* Even though the length of the film is Just 22 Minutes, but its difficult to watch.

* Shots in this film are avoidable.

* 90% of the film is filled with Adult’s Stuff which is unbearable.

Overall :-

NNN( Nanga Naked Nagnam)  is completely avoidable short film/ Film made by RGV. While comparing RGV ‘s previous film CLIMAX was better than this NNN.

The basic Principles of film making are missing in this film, which are quite ODD to watch them.

When comparing Profits side RGV master ideas in Businesses was proved in CLIMAX and  NNN( Nanga Naked Nagnam) too.

Those who expect content and any other stuff’s will purely disappoints you as there is nothing special just watch Trailer Twice and leave away.

 Finally another DUD film from RGV World.

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