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Revenge netflix Webseries Review

Webseries :- Revenge

Cast and crew:- Matilda Lutz, Kevin Janssens, Vincent colombe, Guillaume Bouchede.

Produced by:- Marc Etienne schwartz , Marc Stanimirovic, Jean yves Robin.
Directed by:- Coralie Fargeat

Revenge netflix Webseries Review

As all are following the principle “Stay Home Stay Safe “ and are fedup with the Routine shows and Flicks in television we are providing you the best entertainment series/ films which might change your mood. Today we are suggesting you a series which was a Netflix Version and it was entitled as ” Revenge “.

Story ( Spolier free ):-

The plot begins with an Illegal relationship of Jennifer with an Married man Richard. As things go in a normal way. She will go to his another house which was a private one. Things become quite Serious with the entry of Richard’s friends as one of them tried to rape Jennifer. Even though she tried to escape she couldn’t as all the friends together Harrased her and made a Gang Rape. Later how she was injured badly ? How did things changed? How did she took Revenge on them ? What happened at the end? If you wanted to know the reasons behind the above questions watch the series.

Positives :-

  • The entire series was presented in a hard-hitting manner besides showcased Emotionally too.
  • Whole series revolves around 4 characters itself in a gripping manner.
  • Performance wise  huge credits goes to ” Friend characters ” as they performed with an ease and later Jennifer where she won the hearts of people with her emotional performance.

The individual Revenge scenarios was quite awesome.

  • Director  Coralie Fargeat had presented this series in an interesting manner without any deviations.


  • The basic plot of this series is quite 90’s itself.

Overall :-

Revenge webseries in the one which had most of thrilling elements and the performances by everyone will mesmerize you for sure. The way director  Coralie Fargeat handled the scenes made this series a must watch one. Even though you might feel this series as a regular commercial one after the end credits as the basic plot was quite 90’s but you will never degrade this series as you might enjoy this till last scene. 

And we are suggesting to all you to watch this series which is available in Netflix which will make your routine day to something special one.


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