Radheshyam got a massive OTT Offer :-

Radheshyam OTT Offer

Yes, Young Rebel Star Prabhas Upcoming flick Radheshyam got a massive OTT offer with an enormous deal.

We all very well know that Prabhas Radheshyam gonna release in Theatres on 14th January 2022 over the Pan India level.

Besides sources are saying that due to the high spread of Omicron cases in India Prabhas Radheshyam will get postponed as RRR got postponed. But the makers of Radheshyam haven’t announced any sort of update regarding Postpone of film.

So upon all this, the inside info is that a giant OTT platform had approached the Radheshyam team and offered 400cr for the direct digital release of this film. But the makers haven’t not their head as they want the audience to watch this film on the big screen only.

Another update regarding this OTT deal is that the Just Like Vijay Master film was released on OTT within 12 days of the Theatrical run, Radheshyam team is also planning to do this kind of deal so that even if omicron cases raise they might be on the safe side by doing so.

So the complete clarification regarding the above two kinds of OTT deals is yet to be confirmed.

Should wait and see what’s Radheshyam team gonna do.


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