Prabhas fans fire on Radheshyam team:-

Prabhas Fans Fire on Radheshyam Team

As most of the fans are eagerly waiting for the crucial updates of prabhas Radheshyam, but the team is not at all providing any updates which are creating bunches of rumors about the release date.

As we all very well know about a fact that Prabhas Radheshayam is going to hit screens on January 14th, 2022 without any backstep due to the RRR release.

But compared to the Radheshyam team, the RRR team is far better in standards of Promotions, Making fans go Crazy and whatnot.

This has created rumors that even the Radheshyam team is also planning to postpone their film that’s the reason why not even a single update is being provided except a special video released on the occasion of Prabhas birthday.

Most fans guessed a special video on the Pooja character or even a first single update will be made, but as of now no response from the Radheshyam team. This is the reason where fans are deeply disturbed and creating trends in social media by tagging the Radheshyam film team about updates.

As of now no proper response from the Radheshyam team. should wait and see whether any updates might occur or the film is planning to reschedule its release date.


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