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Ponmagal Vandhal review 2020

Ponmagal Vandhal review – 2020: Cast and crew :- Jyothika, R.Parthiepan, Pratap, Pandiarajan, Bhagyaraj.

Ponmagal Vandhal review

Music Director :- Govind Vasantha

Produced by:- Suriya

Directed by:- J.J.Fredrick

As all are following the principle “Stay Home Stay Safe ” and are fedup with the Routine shows and Flicks in television we are providing you the best entertainment series/ films which might change your mood.

Few of Tollywood and Kollywood Films are Released today directly through OTT due to Lockdown effect and one of them is
Ponmagal Vandhal. Let’s see how this flim is going to be.

Story ( Spolier free ):-

The plot begins with a Women made Gunshot over Two Youngsters and a kidnap of child near Lovedale Forest in Ooty at the year 2004.

With the investigation Polices have found 5 deadbodies of child’s in an accused place. Later the film shifts to present scenario where Jyothika ( Venba ) had re-opened the case which was happened in 2004 child abuse, which was disaggred by all the women’s and even society too because it was about a Psycho Killer who made crimes.

But Jyothika took the case and started in a motive of Providing Justice. When she was made detail study over the case entire system was wanted to let her down.

How did Jyothika ( Venba) changed the mindset of people who are against her ? Why did Jyothika re-opened this case ? Is there any interlink to Jyothika ? Who was that Psycho killer and what is her past ? In order to know all the questions above mentioned watch this film on Amazon Prime.

Positives :-

  • Jyothika is one the talented actresses which was proved once again with her immense performance. For Every role she will do justice.
  • Even though the length of the film is 2 hours every scene had presented in a gripping manner.
  • Every actor had given best for this film.
  • Court Episodes and twists are limelight for this film.
  • Climax was the biggest asset of this film.
  • Director J.J.Fredrick had presented this film in an interesting manner without any deviations right from the first scene itself.
  • Backgroud score was quite impressive.
  • production values are good.


  • Slow at times.

Overall :-

Ponmagal Vandhal is an out and out engaging film with an emotional and realistic truth of present situations like child abuse which will connect to everyone.

Jyothika had given her best with as a Lawyer and emtional Mother point of view too. Every actor in this film are given good boostup to every scene. Director had succeeded in presenting this kind of film like Child Abuse with an emotional side is another asset and made it in an crispy Format which was an good thought. Production values are good .

The background score was another major plus towards film.

Even though the film was quite slow at time but its an needy film to present generations.

We suggest to all of you, to watch this film which will made your a quite different than routine one.


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