Police Case filed on Acharya Movie :-

Case filed on Acharya Movie

Yes, an official Police case was filed on Lyricist BhaskaraBhatla and Director Koratala Shiva of Acharya Movie.

We all very well know about a fact that Acharya’s 3rd single was released recently which was entitled Saana Kastam where Megastar Chiranjeevi and Regina Cassandra danced together in this Peppy number.

This song was filled with Chiru’s Stylish Dance moves and the Sizzling Performance of Regina. But this was not going well with RMP doctors which led to filing a case on the Acharya team.

The reason behind filing a case is the lyrical line from the Sana Kastam song as the line is ” Ededo Nimarocchani Kurralle RMP lu Avutunnare ” which insults RMP Doctors.

So on behalf of the RMP Doctors Association, an RMP doctor named Pasunoori Satyanarayana from Janagaon Filed a case on Lyricist Bhaskarabhatla and Director Koratala Shiva.

Should wait and see how Police and Court gonna react to this case and how Acharya Team gonna respond to this petition.


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