telugu moral stories

panchatantra stories part 2

panchatantra stories

If you are foolish minded, you can’t sustain any where :-

1)Make use of Thinking power before you done a foolish thing :-

Once there is a KING, who is a Animal Lover and brought ” Monkey ” to his palace. Firstly they used to joy every moment , Though Monkey roams every where in the palace and eats whatever it wants, used to take care of King  like a Soldier.

One fine day In summer, King came to palace, finished Lunch and started relaxing, besides  Monkey used to flew hand fan to have a soundfull sleep for King. At  that time a mosquito started biting King. For few moments Monkey tried to make Mosquito away from king, but  haven’t made it. Finally Monkey  wanted to kill the Mosquito so that king Might sleep happily and bought a Knife ,

stabbed forcefully  at the King’s Heart, where Mosquito has been sat. As expected King has died Mosquito flew away.

panchatantra stories

2) Everyone must follow one’s duty orelse it might be Threaten to you :-

panchatantra stories

A Washerman used to live in a Village named ” Kashipuram ” along with ” Donkey ” ,”Dog “. He is such a ruthless and Selfish person that, even though he have food, can’t even  provide some food or shelter to both of animals.

One day he had washed lots of clothes, vexed with it  started relaxing and slept. This is the right time where a Thief entered in the house to make robbery, seeing it,  Donkey asked Dog to make sounds, so that our owner will wakeup and see whats happening but Dog haven’t responded as Washerman haven’t feed them atleast once. Instead of arguing Donkey started making sounds, all of a sudden Washerman took stick and thrown on Donkey for disturbing his sleep, besides these Thief happily ran away with robbed things.

panchatantra stories

3) Do the Work which Suits to Your Profession :-

Work is Worship if you’re in right place orelse it may be Hazardous :-

panchatantra stories
In a village , construction of temple work had begun where all  the wood works going on. Carpenters have chopped the trees and made them in the form of Beams and Column shape. As its lunch time , Everyone stopped working  and went off for having food. This is the time, where few monkeys have been  waiting for the place to be vacant. Later all the Monkeys went to the working place and started enjoying, Jumping on the logs, having fun. The workers have fixed a strong Iron screw in between a  beam to break  into two piece’s.

One of the Monkey Has been Jumping in both the sides of screw and wanted to remove it. All of sudden Tail of Monkey has stuck in between the Wedge and tried level best to get rid of it, but can’t do it. With lots of pain  Monkey was dead.


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