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Murungaikkai Chips Movie Review and Rating :-

Murungaikkai Chips Movie Review

Movie :- Murungaikkai Chips (2021) Review

Star Cast :- Shanthanu Bhagyaraj , Athulya Ravi and so on

Producer :- Ravindhar Chandrasekaran

Music Director :- Dharan Kumar

Director :- Srijar

Story ( Spoiler Free ):-

The story revolves around the first-night scenario of a newly married couple named Shanthnu and Athulya Ravi. Besides Shanthnu wants to be celibate whereas Athulya Ravi wants to complete her first night at any cost.

Why are both of them behaving oddly? What did Shanthnu Grandfather say to him? What did Athulya Ravi’s Aunt say to her? What are the reasons behind their drama on the first night? What happened at the end forms the rest of the story.

Positives👍 :-

  • Lead actors Performance.
  • Few Comedy Tracks.
  • Production Values and Cinematography.

Negatives 👎:-

  • Complete fault lies in Director Srijar. The movie is filled with Unnecessary elements and over cinematic scenes.
  • Songs.
  • The complete second half was wasted including Climax.


Murungaikkai chips film has a good plot but everything goes in vain with the director’s unconvincing screenplay and direction. The songs are like unnecessary elements of the film. The total second half was wasted as the director has nothing to do including the climax portion.

Few Comedy Tracks and Lead actors’ performances will entertain you most of the time, but this doesn’t save the film.

Rating :- 2/5


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