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Movie Review: Undiporade (2019)

Movie:- Undiporade (2019)

Cast and crew:- Tarun Tej, Lavanya, Ajay Ghosh,
Kedar Shankar and so on.

Music director:- Sabu Varghese

Produced by:- Dr. Lingeshwar

Directed by:- Naveen nayani

A new aged love story which was entitled as Undiporade has made with showcasing the emotionals between father and daughter relationship. Trailer and songs have made a decent buzz and attracted audience which made everyone watch this film on bigscreen. After a round of promotions finally this film has hit the screens today. Lets check whether this film has impressed audience or not.

Story (Spoiler Free ):-

Movie opens in Rajahmundry where the relationship between father kedar Shankar and his daughter Harshita (Lavanya) has showcased in an sentimatic manner. Later as Harshita grows she need to do higher studies for that, Harshita father sends her to hyderabad. As time passes Harshita falls in love with her class student Ram (Tarun Tej). But unfortunately their love is not supported by Harshita’s father. With it movie comes to half end. Why did Harshita’s father not supported daughter’s Love ? How did Ram solved this ? Whether Ram and Harshita married with the support of Harshitha’s Father ? Do the parents agree to their love or not? If you wanted to know the reasons behind it, watch it on big screen only.

Positives :-

* Good story with gripping screenplay.

* Love scenes between the lead pair.

* Father and daughter relationship.

* comedy scenes by Patas Nookaraju have came out well.

* Production values are good.

* Songs and bgms are major advantage for this film.

* Cinematography is good.

* Ajay gosh and every other characters have done their level best.

Flip side :-

* A little bit drag here and there.

Overall :-

Undiporade is an out and out youthful and family entertainer which was handled by Naveen nayani in an intresting manner with gripping screenplay.

Besides that Both Tarun Tej, Lavanya, gave their best which will be surely impressed by audience and the love track between them was in a setteled manner. Father and daughter relationship scenes will be emotionally connected to everyone.

Cinematography was too good which will remain in everyone’s mind forever. Songs and bgm are quite impressive.

Overall youth and family audience will sureshotly entertained thoroughly with this flick. Dont miss it. Watch this film with your family at this weekend, you will definitely like it.

Rating: 3/5

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