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Review: RamaChakani Seetha (2019)

Movie :- RamaChakani Seetha (2019)

Cast :- Indhra, Priyadarshi, Sukrutha Wagle

Music Director :- Kesava Kiran

Producers :- GL Phanikanth, Smt. Visalakshmi Manda

Director :- Sriharsha Manda

Friday has came up as this week there is no high profiled films have released this is the time for low budget films to release on this note a different conceptual film entitled as RamachakaniSeetha have released..lets see whether it had secured good responce or not..


Movie opens with Balu(Indhra) is a happy go lucky youth who falls in love with Anu(Sukrutha Wagle). He tries to impress Anu at any cost and starts getting close to her by an different idea which was an unknown caller with the name Siddhu. The twist in the tale arises when Anu comes to know that Balu has cheated to win her love and she breaks up with him. What happened to lead pair ? Was their love was success or not ? What kind of role did priya darshi do? Wanted to know all the reasons behind it watch the film on bigscreen.


Story and gripping screenplay. Performance by lead pair was quite impressive. Priya darshi had done his level best entertainment. Director Sri Harsha Mabda attracted with his gripping narration. And he written Emotional scenes came out well. Climax had came out will intresting note. Production values are good. Cinematography was quite Natural.

Rama Chakkani Sita is an out and out romantic comedy oriented film which has passable elements. Decent comedy by priyadarshi was quite awesome, emotional scenes have cameout well and crisp run time are basic assets. Debut actor Indhra had made good attempt and impressive with his looks. You can thoroughly enjoy this film with low expectations.

Rating: 3.5/5

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