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Movie review: Hawaa – Decent suspense drama

Hawaa, starring newcomers Chaitanya Madadi and Divi Prasanna in the lead roles hit the theaters today. Read on to see how the film turns out to be.


Charlie(Chaitanya) gets himself involved in a deep mess after placing a huge bet on a horse race. He, and his girlfriend, Divi, will now have to escape from dreaded criminals. Meanwhile, there is a parallel thread, where his aunt, who happens to be the mayor of the province, faces life-threat. The rest of the story unveils how these interlaced threads unfold.

Artist performances: Chaitanya did a very good job in the lead role. He looks settled and in his elements for most parts. Divi looks beautiful and she emotes well.

The rest of the star cast are apt in their roles. The overall vibe of the film has been elevated to a great extent, thanks to some impressive performances from the antagonist and a couple of junkies, who go by the name ‘Ganjas’.

Technical aspects:

The director Mahesh Reddy wrote an intriguing plot. He gets sleek output from the technical team. However, the screenplay is uneven in the latter half. Nevertheless, he keeps the viewers engaged all the way through.

Music is decent and so was the background score. Camera works are very good. Production designing is on point.


Hawaa is a decent suspense drama that has an intriguing plot. The narrative is good in parts, barring a few minor hiccups, but it keeps the viewers engaged. Urban audience might enjoy this film.

Rating: 3/5

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