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Moonfall Movie Review :-

Moonfall Movie Review

Movie :- Moonfall (2022) Review

Star Cast :- Halle Berry , Patrick Wilson ,John Bradley, Michael Pena, Charlie Plummer, Kelly Yu,Donald Sutherland and so on

Producer :- Roland Emmerich, Harald Kloser

Music Director :- Thomas Wander, Harald Kloser

Director :- Roland Emmerich

Story ( Spoiler Free):-

The movie is all about the mysterious dark force which collides with the moon and reflects it to fall on human earth. Knowing about this scenario how did the NASA team, Astronaut, and Conspiracy theorist sort out this issue which is endangered to human life forms the crux of the story.

Positives 👍 :-

  • All Lead Actors have given their best in performing this typical tasks.
  • Director Roland vision is good as there is now unnecessary scenario from starting to end of the film. His thought process is great.
  • The background score is apt for the film.
  • Cinematography, Visuals, VFX work are lavishing on screen.
  • Production values are good.

Negatives 👎:-

  • Some Logics are missing.

Overall :-

Moon fall is different and unique which entertains all sections of the Audience especially Sci-fi kinda Fans. All Leads have done best and Director Vision is too Good.

Background Score is apt and Cinematography Visuals are lavishing. Production Values are good. The only negative point is Few logic are missing. Rest of the film for sure entertains you all.

Rating :- 3/5


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