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List of Chiranjeevi Movies which are the key roles behind Mega star

List of Chiranjeevi Movies

List of Chiranjeevi Movies:: Entire Film industry as well as Every one in India are familiar with a man who had created Sesation at Box-office and made Mass hysteria over fan following is non-other than our very own ” Mega Star Chiranjeevi “.

His dedication and passion towards film was shown in every frame that’s reason why people made him “Mega Star “.

There are number of films which Justified the tag ” Mega Star” , till now he had completed 150 films so far, many of them are Block busters, Industry hits, All Time records and what not! .

Many of films are still remarkable one like Daddy, Bavagaru Bagunara, Stalin, Chudalani vundhi, Jai Chiranjeeva, Gang leader, Bigg boss and so on.

But, in this article we are providing the Top 5 List of Chiranjeevi Movies which are made and turned him to Mega Star Chiranjeevi. Lets get into the point.

1) Khaidi :-


At the initial stages of films Chiranjeevi faced so many struggles and made lots of films but this film so called ” Khaidi ” made Break even at box office and a big U-turn for his bright carrier. The performance made by Chiru in this film is still Remarkable and un- matchable.

Just a simple story of how a Un accused son who was marked as killer of own father, came out of tough phase and sorted out the main accused, is the plot.

Every frame of this film was done in a big way that no-one can do this kind of work for life time. This is the first milestone of MegaStar path.

2) Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari :-

Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari

This is one of rare attempt of Mega Star Chiranjeevi where the plot of this film is ” Indraja the daughter of Lord Indra falls in love with a common man named “Raju “. This film was a different attempt at that times and made sensation at Box-office.

This kind of Fantasy film were Never Before Ever After . Even now also of this will telecast in Televison. The TRP will be more than regular one’s.

This is the second path breaking film in the history of Mega Star films. There is a talk about the sequel of this film and yet to be confirmed.

3) Mutha Mestri :-

Mutha Mestri

This is another milestone film in Mega Star Carrier in which the story revolves arround a Patriotic man named Bose who will face all the struggles as a leader of Local Market by Party member Aatma.

How Bose came over it ans how Market people came out of struggles is the rest of the story.

This film claimed FilmFare Award for Chiranjeevi to his tremendous performance. This film also remain in the best film of Chiru’s Carrier. This is the 3rd path breaking film so far.

4) Indra :-


If you ask a 10 years old kid about this film he will go on saying the punch dailogues of this film which includes ” Veera Shankar Reddy Mokke kadha ani pekesthe Pika Kostha ” .

By this sentence i think you have got Goosebums with the dialogue itself. Yes, the film Indra was created sensation at Box -office in a way that till now no other films have crossed or touched the Mass Hysteria done with this film at Box -Office.

No doubt this film was another Mile-stone in Mega Star Chiranjeevi carrier. This film will be remembered for life time for all section of audience.

5) Tagore :-


Just like Indra this film also made same History at Box-office, the performace by chiru and strong message with deep intense by V.V.Vinayak was unbeatable till now.

This kind of film needs huge guts to do, but chiru had did and make it like a Cake-walk for him.

This film was path breaking one and highest grosser film at that moment even it was screened at International Indian film Academy awards.

Even this film was made remade by Akshay kumar as lead in Hindi with ” Gabbar ” as title.

This are the top 5 films of Chiranjeevi which had turned him to Mega Star Chiranjeevi.


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