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Learn adobe photoshop shortcuts

adobe photoshop shortcuts

Learn adobe photoshop shortcuts:

If you know adobe photoshop , you must Learn adobe photoshop shortcuts  it will reduce 50 to 70 percent of time, Most of the experts the don’t know how to use adobe photo shop short keys this will effect in their timeline, So Need to spend some time for learn short cut keys, it also helpful for adobe photoshop learners, You can do magic with these tricks.

adobe photoshop short cuts are

ctrl+n = new layer

ctrl+a = select total layer

ctrl+c = copy the image

ctrl+v = paste the image

ctrl+alt+i = image size change

ctrl+alt+c = convas size change

ctrl + + = zoom in

ctrl + – = zoom out

v=Move the image

m=Marquee tool

c = slice tool

i = eye dropper

u = rectangle tool

b = brush

r = rotate view

z = zoom tool

alt+. = Select top layer

alt+, = Select bottom layer

ctrl+selectimages+e = marging multiple layers in to one layer

ctrl+t = transform the image

s = clone stamp


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