Koratala Shiva film with Allu Arjun ? :-

Koratala Shiva and Bunny

Yes, Koratala Shiva gonna make a high Octane film with Iconic Star Allu Arjun.

Recently in the pre-release event of Pushpa Director, Koratala Shiva had made this statement regarding the film with Bunny.

In the event Koratala shiva mentioned that ” Hats off to the efforts made by the bunny in making this Pushpa, this shows that how much enthusiastic you are in presenting new films. Now it’s a challenge for me to make a script bigger than Pushpa “.

He also stated that ” I will take time and write a script bigger than Pushpa and meet you for making a film “. This statement made by Koratala Shiva Indirectly indicates that Very soon Shiva gonna direct Bunny.

Should wait and see what Koratala Shiva has in store for Allu Arjun which is for sure bigger than Pushpa.


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