Kinnerasani Trailer Review :-

Kinnerasani Trailer

The trailer of Kalyaan Dhev’s Kinnerasani looks refreshing and quite engaging with all the required conceptual elements.

The trailer showcases the love story of two different couples and their emotions with twists and turns here and there. Kalyaan Dhev New-look mesmerized audience. The trailer is filled with lots of question marks that are yet to be answered only on big screen only.

Besides The Cinematography, Visuals, Background Score, Production Values are top-notch.

Highlights :-

  • Kalyaan Dhev New Look.
  • Concept Oriented.
  • Background Score and Visuals
  • Direction
  • Production Values.

Should wait and see how this Kalyaan Dhev’s Kinnerasani gonna be.


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