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Keerthi suresh Penguin movie review

Movie  :- Penguin (2020)

Cast and crew:- Keerthy Suresh

Music Director :- Santhosh Narayanan

Produced by:- Karthik Subbaraj 

Directed by:- Eashvar Karthic 

Keerthi suresh Penguin movie review:: As all are following the principle “Stay Home Stay Safe ” and are fedup with the Routine shows and Flicks in television we are providing you the best entertainment series/ films which might change your mood. 

Few of  Tollywood and Kollywood Films are Released today directly through OTT due to Lockdown effect and one of them is keethy Suresh ‘s female Centric film entitled as ” Penguin “.  

Let’s see how this Penguin movie is going to be.

Story ( Spolier free ):-

The plot begins with an Intro of Rhythm( Keerthy Suresh ) who is  Pregnant Women of 7 months. She is deeply disturbed with her past and that past includes the lost of her child Ajay ( A 2years old kid ) .

Unfortunately after 6 years of Ajay’ s Lost, Rhythm had seen him and things changes in a different manner, later Rhythm started searching Ajay, by independently without any support of Government. 

What happened to Ajay ? Who is the Psycho killer ? How did Rhythm solved the problems ? What is the life story of Rhythm and the problems she faced in the lifespan ?

If you wanted to know all the reasons behind the above mentioned questions watch this film for sure.. Available on Amazon Prime. 

Positives :-

Keerthy Suresh is one the talented actresses which was proved once again with her immense performance. 

* Every actor had given their  best for this film.

* Director   Eashvar Karthic  had presented this film in an interesting manner without any deviations right from the first scene itself.

Backgroud score was quite impressive.

Cinematography and production values are good.


* The story is just like a mixture of few Thriller films.

*  Climax will disappoint you for sure.

* Entire film runs through Slow pace with few twists here and there.

* The mother -Sentiment haven’t worked out.

Overall :-

Penguin  is an out and out Mysterious Thriller film which haven’t reached the expectations of Audience. Even though Keerthy Suresh had given her best for this film but her onscreen presence also disappoints audience because of her faded out looks. 

The story of the film was a good one but director haven’t showcased it in a gripping manner. The last 30min of the film will make you hugely disappointThe Musical work, Cinematography, production Values , All the actors Performances was positives of this film.

Even though the film was quite slow at time but a worth watchable film in Lockdown time. As we can’t watch any films in Theatres, This Penguin is Perfect for OTT platform.

We suggest to all of you, to watch this film which will made your better than Routine.


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