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Keep the mouth under control – Balakrishna Press Meet :-

Balakrishna live Meeting

Balakrishna gave counter statements to opposition parties by saying ” Keep your mouths under control while giving speeches “ in the live interaction.

This statement was passed by Balakrishna today as Ex-CM Chandrababu Naidu was deeply saddened and cried in a live meeting over his wife’s Character Assassination made by opponent party members.

This was hurting not only to CBN but also all the party members and the Public too. We haven’t seen CBN crying like this in the past decades at any instance.

So to support CBN and Provide some basic ethical knowledge Nandamuri Balakrishna has started a live meeting in which he is projecting all the scenarios where Opposition parties have insulting family members including Ladies.

This kind of Character assassination activity must be strictly stopped by all the parties and must be followed Propoganda to develop the State rather than provoking each other with this kind of statements.

Should wait and see how this issue is going to move further and how the opponent party responding over it.


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