Kalyaram Bimbisara Teaser Day :-

Bimbisara Teaser Day

Yes, Today is the day where all Kalyan Ram fans are waiting for a long after the announcement of the Bimbisara film.

For the first time, Kalyan Ram is making a historical film with a time travel concept. Since the poster has a tagline time travel from evil to good.

The major shoot part of this film has been completed and left with a few patchworks and CG works. For almost 5 months Kalyan Ram fans have been waiting for updates of this film.

Finally, the day has arrived where all fans and movie lovers are ready to witness the historical teaser of Kalyan Ram as Bimbisara today at 9:13 AM. Posters themselves raise the hype of this film to the peaks.

Should have to wait and see how the new avatar of Kalyan Ram is going to be in this Historical film.


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