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Kaaval Movie Review and Rating :-

Kaaval Movie Review

Movie :- Kaaval (2021) Review

Star Cast :- Suresh Gopi , Renji Panicker, Rachel David and so on

Producer :- Joby George

Music Director :- Ranjin Raj

Director :- Nithin Renji Panicker

Story ( Spoiler Free ):-

The story revolves around Thamban (Suresh Gopi) and Antony (Renji Panicker) are the one who takes laws in hand to serve justice to the deserved people in their village. This will not go right to the opponents and some people. Besides even rivalry arise between Thamban and Antony.

This is all done at their young age of life. After a long gap in between both again an interlink scenario will occur which is not as expected.

Now, what does Thamban do? What does Antony do? What are the differences between Thamban and Antony? Why do the differences start? Why do they meet after a long time? What’s going to happen now? What happened at the end forms the rest of the story.

Positives 👍 :-

  • A treat for Suresh Gopi fans. Suresh Gopi and Renji did terrific performances throughout the film.
  • Cinematography and Visuals.
  • Background score and songs.
  • Fights.
  • Production Values are Top Notch.

Negatives 👎:-

  • Same old Story.
  • Few scenes are dragged more.

Overall :-

Overall Kaaval is out and out an engaging film for Suresh Gopi fans. It’s a visual treat to witness Suresh Gopi and Renji on screen. Both of them did terrific performances throughout the film.

Cinematography Visuals are great, Production Values are top-notch. Only the drawback is a routine story and some scenes are dragged. Overall a one time watchable and treat for Suresh Gopi fans.

Rating :- 2.75/5


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