Indhuvadana Trailer Review :-

Indhuvadana Trailer Review

Varun Sandesh Latest film Indhuvadana Trailer had released. This trailer is shown as a mixture of Comedy, Emotions, Horror elements, and a unique love track.

Varun Sandesh and Farnaz Shetty are seen as lead pairs. These love birds have a unique past love story and a few unknown events happened so that varun Sandesh will be reborn again but Farnaz will be shown as a ghost waiting for Varun since long ago.

Besides the Trailer is filled with good humor where Kerintha Nookaraju and his gang generated comedy portions with ghost. The visuals are good. The story is a real one. Director had made this film with real incidents that happened.


  • Varun Sandesh Makeover and Acting. Besides Farnaz Shetty gave good co-star support.
  • Kernitha Nookaraju and his gang comedy.
  • Visuals and concept
  • Background score
  • Direction.

Should wait until January 1st to witness the story of this real incident.


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