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Huge Demand for Godavari Pulasa fish despite of Huge Cost too

Godavari Pulasa

Huge Demand for Godavari Pulasa fish:: In India approximately 75% of the people are Non-Veg lovers and love too eat them most of time and one of them is Godavari Pulasa fish.

Yes, this is the original and utmost lovable item/dish of Non-Veg lovers which is available in Rainy Seasons only.

The fact is that even though so many Non-Veg items are available to satisfy individual belly, but all of them eagerly wait for the month of July or August only to taste the Godavari Pulasa, Just like how Film lovers will wait for the Benfit show of their respective Stars. Lets get into the point in detail.

Basically two types of Pulasa are available which are named as ” Godavari Pulasa ” and ” Ganges Pulasa “, out of which everyone want to satisfy themselves with Godavari Pulasa itself.

Coming to price tags the original Godavari pulasa cost is more than Rs.4000/ kg, yes what you heard is absolutely true, which is unable to digest, Where as Ganges Pulasa cost vary around Rs 700-900/kg.

Godavari Pulasa curry

In this year, Godavari Pulasa has entered in Market that it’s Original Availability of Month since years. The very first city where it is available was Vizag.

Even though almost 26 Fish Markets available in the core city, but this Godavari Pulasa is available in only selected areas.

As the reports gathered from Vendors, they mentioned that ” Almost 10-50kg’s of Pulasa irrespective of Godavari/ Ganges are being sold daily”.

So if public wants Godavari Pulasa we first take the orders and based on order, We will provide to customers or else it may effect to us as the cost of it was Rs4000/kg . So it will be served with orders only.

So guys, this is the latest updated news about “Godavari Pulasa ” which the love of Non-veg Lovers. Hope you all liked it. We”ll come with another interesting article soon.


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