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Interview : Sampurnesh babu


1) First of all its look like a challenging role you had done in this film ?

Ya, because it has three variation roles like peddarayudu, paparayudu and another different role like android. First two are easy to gearup but android is different meaty role.

2) why it had been delayed so long ?

Actually we had released the poster at the time of hrudaya kaleyam. There are so many reasons like, increasing of budget and actually we thought 30 days but it was extended to 45 days. I need to change 3 different getups daily. So many artists as you had seen in posters. Time management issues as i went to bigboss house.

3) Can i know why suddenly director had become the producer for this film ?

It was my pleasure of meeting such a nice person who has been struggling for me to make stardom for my carrier. Thats the reason why my director had become producer.

4) people are talking that sampoornesh babu haven’t utilized his stardum when he got a chance through biggboss ?

What you said is absolutely right. I too dont have any idea over the carrier. As you all know i came from a small village suddenly became a star with hrudya kaleyam film. Then i’m in a dailama what to do. Thats why i have got confused over it.

5) Is it the real character of your’s which was shown in this film ?

Ya, it my own character as i was from small village and the characterization is similar to my nativity.

6) what was your reaction when audience recieved your lengthy dialogue and made it as contest ?

It was a wonderful experience for me as an actor got so much appreciations for this lengthy dialogue. Within 5 hours i got an appreciation call from mohan babu garu which was given more strength to this film.

7) can you justify the title of this film Kobarimatta ? Why you had choosen this kind of title ?

We haven’t thought anything about the title later when director has narrated the concept, in a funny manner we had thought already there are titles like Gorintaku, mavidakulu so we can keep kobbarimatta.

8) How many days have you practised for the lengthy dialogue ?

I had worked a lot over this lengthy dialogue. I have taken 2 days of time to understand the dialogue version. Later by repeatedly practising over it. I had made that because of the director mind of perception to make me this lengthy dialogue made me to work over it.

9) There are so many obstacle for this film? Do you thought to giveup this film ?

No, i haven’t thought to giveup this project. Because this is our own production, And that too because of this director only i got stardum. I had felt sad and guilty over this not becuase of my cast and crew. The only reason for my sadness is the persons who said this movie will not be released. Don’t keep hopes over it. I had done 3 films but didn’t tensed as i got over it.

10) finally this movie is releasing do you got any calls from those who said this movie will not be released ?

Ha im getting calls and greeting messages but im not responding to any of them.

11) how do you struggled over this three roles ?

Basically im comfortable with this roles but when all the three variation must do in a single day like morning paparayudu , afternoon pedarayuru evening android i would get so much trouble over it.

12) Have you shifted to hyderabad ?

No, still i haven’t shifted to hyderabad as it was 100 kms for away to my home. And that too my wife and my two daughters are still tensed over my carrier either financially or anything so i haven’t shifted till now.

13) can you say somethiny about your life journey over film industry ?

Everyone will have a dream to become a star hero. I like Upendra personally when i used to play dramas in my village i decided to enter into film industry. When i was entered into prasad labs there steev shankar had seen me and said ill direct a film with you. Im searching for a actor like you. Then my journey had started. When hrudaya kaleyam started i got so many abusive calls. The director had given me only one suggestion dont take anything to mind move on and remember from where you are. You’ll find a way to your journey.

14) what was you reaction after listening to the talks of Singham 123 and virus ?

We have to take everything in a positive way. Its upto audience and their decision is final to me.

15) How would you select scripts ?

Bascally i haven’t taken any care for my first three films as two of them were my director steev shankar’s projects and another one from mohan babu garu banner so from now i had to take care of script selection.

16) How was your reaction of working with Sunny leone ?

Actually you all dont believe that i dont know who is sunny leone at the time of shooting. My directors also cheering to me as im working with sunny leone. Later i had knew about her. At the time of shooting manoj garu said to her about me. I dont know english and she dont know telugu so i can’t understand her reactions.

17) how would be shakila character in this film ?

I wouldn’t like to say anything about it. But she is playing kee role in this film. It would be different experience to you all.

18) Have you signed any further films ?

I had taken the advance for two films. They are also waiting for the result of this film. Actually my carrier is dependend on this film. Need to wait and see how audience are going to take it.

19) we got any info that you have rejected a role in puri jagannadh film?

Yes, as i can’t balance the schedule from this film to that film. Crashes might occur so i had rejected it.

20) How many takes did you take to make this lengthy dialogue ?

I had did it in a single take. But you all dont know the struggle and practise i had taken to it. I will practise more so that i will not go to retake. And for Dance also i had taken a lot of practise to make it.

21) What is your profession before entering into films ?

I had a gold shop. I would like to make ornaments. Now my brother is take care of it.

22) what is your reaction after seeing to the responce over bookings of kobbari matta ?

I had felt so much happy as some shows are housefull. At the time of hrudaya kaleyam we had made lot of struggles for shows but now we are blessed to got shows and advance bookings.

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