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Freemake movies of telugu heroes till date

Freemake movies of telugu heroes till date

Freemake movies of telugu heroes till date

Few FreeMakes from Tollywood Which are the Sources of Other languages :-

freemake movies of telugu heroes:: Now a days, We are the listening the word Freemake  repeatedly as some of Tollywood film stories might be intentionally or Co-incidentally are captured from other language films, But Freemaking  of other language films have started in late 90’s itself.

Some of the Freemake versions may be Blockbuster whereas few of them were utterly failure at Box-Office. In this article we are going to discuss about few Freemake Versions of Tollywood by year wise.

1964:-  Freemakes are made entry in Tollywood in this year either it may be concept wise or plot wise. In this year  a film entitled as “AATHMA BALAM ” Where “Akkineni Nageshwara rao ” is main lead of this film and it was inspired from a film so called ” The Reincarnation of Peter Proud “

1972:- In this year, we might witnessed a  freemake under the name of ” MANAVUDU-DANAVUDU ”  where ” Shoban babu ” acted as lead in it, But the actual story plot of this film is similar to ” Face Off ” Film.

1983:-  At this year ” SUPREME HERO” none other than ” MEGA STAR CHIRANJEEVI ‘s ”  film so called  ” KHAIDI “ was released which created sensation at that time, But the story plot of this film was familiar with ” Rambo First Blood ” Hollywood film.


1986 :- To our suprise in this year we had witnessed Three Freemake films out of which two are from ” MEGA STAR CHIRANJEEVI ”  which are entitled as ” KIRATHAKUDU ”   and ” VETTA” This films plots are similar to hollywood films which are named as ” Escape from New York ” and ” The Count of Monte Cristo ” 

*  A film entitled as ” AAPORVA SAHODARULU ” where we can witness ” NANDAMURI BALAKRISHNA ” as lead which is also a Freemake version to hollywood film which was named as ” Corsican Brothers “.

1989 :-  In this year a Tamil  Dubbed Telugu film from ” UNIVERSAL HERO KAMAL HASSAN ” was arrived at box- office which was named as ” INDRUDU – CHANDRUDU “ which was originated from ” Moon Over Parado “.

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